Dagens mest otippade!

Sitter vid datorn då jag plötsligt hör det oroväckande ljudet av en harkrank. Stelnar till och försöker lokalisera den lille jäveln. Pillar lite på mitt nya halsband och inser att det bildas ett litet ljud när hänget rör sig, som påminner om harkranken. Fnissar lite för mig själv. Pillar på halsbandet. Slutar.

Och då... SURR! På min vakt igen. Sitter helt stilla. SURR! Tänder lampan och ser en harkrank som är helt jävla bananas på golvet. Lyckas fånga den i ett glas och sliter åt mig en singel från min cd-hylla. Och kommer helt av mig. För där står jag och håller i Mariah Careys Heartbreaker.


Fantastic Four, det här är till oss!

I en bok jag läser fanns det en så fin bit som jag tyckte passade in på oss. Jag vet att det är långt och krångligt, men läs det!

"Stories... that was maybe the only element missing from this already close-knit foursome. Which made it all the more surprising that they'd become so close in the few shorts months they'd known each other; something unique and imperceptible and profound had happened wihout the benefit of much in the way of the embellished tales and experiences lived through together that it normally takes to make genuine friends out of two couples. Individuals can "click" for any number of reasons, though that is rare enough; for four individuals to forge the kind of friendship that existed between these (wo)men, individually and collectively; it usually takes a trickier, more delictae, time-proven formula. But from the beginning, the sense of inevitabilty about their quartet and the immidiate trust and comfort between them all, as though they'd known each other for years, had the smack of kismet about it. It had taken them all rather by surprise.


And that was that. A lock. A done deal. A night that went on much later than any of them had planned, and inaugurated something new and unexpected for them all: a friendship where the whole truly was as valued and important as, and, indeed, somethimes greater, than the sum of the parts. Not the usual situation of two friends dragging their spouses into an expected, social foursome. Four friends. There would be misunderstandings, disagreements, clashes of expectations and the like that naturally occur between people who care deeply about one another. For the moment, however, it was more than enough to sense -to be certain- that there was just something there, woven through and linking the very hearts of all of them. And they felt it embrace them that night. The stories would come."

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(citat från boken P-town Summer av Lisa Stocker)

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